Cold Heading

Prasum manufacturers high quality stainless steel cold heading quality (CHQ) wire for production of various types of fasteners.

Grades  : 30411C, 304Cc, XM7, 302HQ, 305, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 316LCu, 410, 430L, 201(3961,1i), 204C, 201 Cu

Size Range : 1.00 mm to 16.00 mm

Condition : 1.00 mm to 10.00 mm in Soft Annealed 1.00 mm to 16.00 mm in Soap Drawn Skin PaSS

Packing  : Coils of 150 to 400 Kgs in Soft Annealed condition. Coils of 200 to 500 Kgs in Coated concliqon. Stretch + HDPE Wrapped Loose Coils as well as on metal carriers as per customer's requirement. We are using high quality imported coating salts and drawing lubricants which are free from hazardous substances.

Application : Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Rivets, Nails, Automotive Industries etc. 



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Cold Heading