Core Wires

Prasum manufacturers high quality stainless steel wire for manufacturing of electrodes. 

Grades        :304, 304. 316L, ER308, ER3081- ER309. ER309L. ER309LM0, ER310, ER312, ER316, ER31EL ER317L, ER347, ER430L, ER2209, ER30751 with low and normal silicon contents.

Size Range : 2.00 mm, 2.40 mm, 2.50 mm, 3.15 mm, 3.20 mm, 4.00 mm & 5.00 mm

Finish          : Bright/Matte

Packing       : Core Wire Coils are wrapped with 5tretch/HDPE and than packed in M.5. Carriers or Wooden Pallets. 25/50 Kgs Stretch/HDPE Wrapped bundles of Core Wire in Cut Length are packed in 500 or 1000 Kgs Wooden Boxes for easy handling.

We can supply stainless steel core wire in coil form as well as in Cut Length with customized packaging and labeling as per customer's requirement.



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Core Wires