MIG Wires

Prasum manufacturers Superior Quality Stainless Steel MIG Welding Wire.

Grades: AISI 304L, 316L, ER307Si, ER308L, ER308Lsi, ER309L, ER309Lsi, ER316L, ER316Lsi, ER310, ER347, ER317L, ER312, ER2209, 430L, ER430L Etc..
Size: 0.60mm to 1.60mm (0.025” to 0.062”)
Surface Finish: Matte OR Bright
Spools: SD 100 / SD 200 / SD 300 & BS 300 (Basket Spool)
Packing: 5 kgs / 10 lbs Corrugated Tubes & Plastic Tubes

MIG Wires are specially cleaned to avoid weld contamination and it has perfect cast/helix for the to ensure perfect pay off.

We offer customised packing and labelling as per customer’s requirement.

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MIG Wires